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Korean Journal of Ophthalmology 2020;34(5):353-360.
DOI: https://doi.org/10.3341/kjo.2020.0033    Published online October 5, 2020.
Profiles and Clinical Characteristics of Newly Diagnosed Glaucoma in Urban Korea: A Multicenter Study
Chul Hong1, Seung Woo Hong2, Chan Kee Park3, Kyung Rim Sung4, Chang-sik Kim5, on behalf of Korean Glaucoma Society
1Glaucoma Service, Dr. Hong’s Eye Clinic, Seoul, Korea
2Department of Ophthalmology, Bucheon St. Mary’s Hospital, Bucheon, Korea
3Department of Ophthalmology, Seoul St. Mary’s Hospital, Seoul, Korea
4Department of Ophthalmology, Asan Medical Center, Seoul, Korea
5Department of Ophthalmology, Chungnam National University Hospital, Daejeon, Korea
Correspondence:  Chang-sik Kim, Tel: 82-42-280-7604, Fax: 82-42-255-3745, 
Email: kcs61@cnu.ac.kr
Received: 19 March 2020   • Revised: 12 May 2020   • Accepted: 15 May 2020
To explore the clinical characteristics and profiles of newly diagnosed glaucoma subtypes in urban Korea.
All newly diagnosed glaucoma patients enrolled in the participating ophthalmology outpatient clinics were included. A review of medical history including family history of glaucoma was conducted. The patients underwent complete ophthalmologic examinations including visual field test. The diagnosis of glaucoma was based on the International Society of Geographical and Epidemiological Ophthalmology criteria developed by glaucoma specialists.
A total of 198,671 patients visited the participating ophthalmology outpatient clinics during the study period (from January 1, 2001 to June 30, 2016), of which 5,530 (2.8%) were diagnosed with glaucoma. The mean age of the newly diagnosed glaucoma patients was 52.0 ± 17.3 years (range, 6 to 89) and 2,830 patients were male (51.2%). The mean untreated intraocular pressure and vertical cup-to-disc ratio of the optic nerve head of newly diagnosed glaucoma eyes were 22.1 ± 10.6 mmHg and 0.66 ± 0.22, respectively. The most frequently observed subtypes of glaucoma were: normal tension glaucoma (33.0%) primary open-angle glaucoma (28.4%), ocular hypertension (11.1%), chronic angle-closure glaucoma (6.8%), neovascular glaucoma (5.2%), glaucoma associated with inflammation (3.8%), acute angle-closure glaucoma (3.3%), and glaucoma associated with aphakia or pseudophakia (2.2%).
Normal tension glaucoma was the most frequently observed glaucoma subtype in urban ophthalmology outpatient clinics in Korea.
Key Words: Epidemiology, Glaucoma, Low tension glaucoma, Open-angle glaucoma

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