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Original Articles
Changes of Optical Coherence Tomography Parameters after Cataract Surgery in Primary Open-Angle Glaucoma Eyes
SoHyeon Kim, Youn Hye Jo
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2023;37(1):1-11.   Published online October 25, 2022
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Effect of Serous Retinal Detachment on the Measurement of Axial Length in Central Serous Chorioretinopathy
Yong-Il Shin, Yeo-Kyoung Won, Kyung-Sup Shin, Young-Joon Jo, Jung-Yeul Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2019;33(1):63-69.   Published online February 1, 2019
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Effectiveness of Intravitreal Ranibizumab for Diabetic Macular Edema with Serous Retinal Detachment
Mahmut Kaya, Eyyup Karahan, Taylan Ozturk, Nilufer Kocak, Suleyman Kaynak
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2018;32(4):296-302.   Published online July 17, 2018
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Demographic Features of Idiopathic Macular Telangiectasia in Korean Patients
Sung Hyun Kim, Jaeryung Oh, Soh-Eun Ahn, Choul Yong Park, Jong-Hyun Oh
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2015;29(3):155-159.   Published online May 20, 2015
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Comparison of the Thickness of the Lamina Cribrosa and Vascular Factors in Early Normal-tension Glaucoma with Low and High Intraocular Pressures
Jee Hyun Kim, Tae Yoon Lee, Jong Wook Lee, Kyoo Won Lee
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2014;28(6):473-478.   Published online November 19, 2014
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A Formula to Predict Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Measurements Based on Time Domain OCT Measurements
Kang Hoon Lee, Min Gu Kang, Hyunsun Lim, Chan Yun Kim, Na Rae Kim
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2012;26(5):369-377.   Published online September 24, 2012
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Morphologic Changes in Acute Central Serous Chorioretinopathy Using Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Hyung Chan Kim, Won Bin Cho, Hyewon Chung
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2012;26(5):347-354.   Published online September 24, 2012
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Measurement of Choroidal Thickness in Normal Eyes Using 3D OCT-1000 Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Joong Won Shin, Yong Un Shin, Hee Yoon Cho, Byung Ro Lee
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2012;26(4):255-259.   Published online July 24, 2012
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Case Reports
Morphological and Functional Correlates in Goldmann-Favre Syndrome: A Case Series
Madhavendra Bhandari, Rajni Rajan, P. Tandava Krishnan, Swakshyar Saumya Pal, Rajiv Raman, Tarun Sharma
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2012;26(2):143-146.   Published online March 22, 2012
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A Case of Ocular Toxoplasmosis Imaged with Spectral Domain Optical Coherence Tomography
Doo Young Cho, Wooho Nam
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2012;26(1):58-60.   Published online January 14, 2012
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Original Articles
Evaluation of the Central Macula in Commotio Retinae Not Associated with Other Types of Traumatic Retinopathy
Joo Youn Park, Woo Ho Nam, Seung Hoon Kim, Sun Young Jang, Young-Hoon Ohn, Tae Kwann Park
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2011;25(4):262-267.   Published online July 22, 2011
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Comparison of Retinal Nerve Fiber Layer Thickness between Stratus and Spectralis OCT
Hyun Jin Shin, Byung Joo Cho
Korean J Ophthalmol. 2011;25(3):166-173.   Published online May 24, 2011
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